What A Creepy Old Man Can Teach You About Landing More Clients

What A Creepy Old Man Can Teach You About Landing More Clients

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here we are, one month into 2016. What strides have you made towards your 2016 goals?

Time really does fly, as they say, and I’m betting that a lot of people haven’t done much of anything. Now, 1/12 of the year is in the books.

Fortunately, you can start the year again, since it is the new lunar year. More on that in a sec…

Since it is the Chinese New Year, I’m reminded of a trip we took to China a few years ago.

shanghaiOur first stop was in Shanghai. One of the reasons why we even planned a trip to Shanghai was because Disney’s newest property was supposed to have opened in 2013, and we wanted to be there. Of course, as these big projects are prone to do, they miss the target dates, and now Shanghai Disneyland is to open this year instead.

Anyway, one thing that struck me about the Chinese people is their fascination with foreigners, especially Westerners. Now, I don’t particularly stand out to them because I am Filipino. But my American wife is a tall, blonde bombshell with blue eyes and a billion dollar smile. And my three kids are “American-looking.”

It’s interesting to me how random people in China approach my wife and kids and ask to take pictures with them. Me, they totally ignore, but the locals will go out of their way to track us down and ask for a photograph. It actually happened to us all throughout Asia, not just in China.

In China, however, not only did people want to take photos, but they were also blown away by us having three kids. For a long time, they had some kind of law in China that you couldn’t have more than 2 children, so to see a foreign family with more than two was a spectacle to them.

We were taking a cruise on the Huangpu River in Shanghai, and this old gentleman was staring at our family. He then walked over to us and started pointing and saying things in his native language. Our tour guide told us that he was a tourist from a rural part of China. He rarely, if ever, saw white people, even in his advanced age. But he was also baffled as to how we could have 3 kids. It was an entirely foreign concept to him.

Some might witness this interaction and say, “Aww, what a cute old man!”

Me? It was creepy, but not in a stalker through your bedroom window creepy; more like an old guy at the bus stop smiling at you because it’s obvious he wants to talk about his vegetable garden creepy.

Here in ‘Murica, we truly are a cultural melting pot. Most of us don’t even register a conscious thought about someone’s skin color or national heritage in our day-to-day lives. We’re used to it (unless you live down here in Georgia. Some places here give me the willies).

great wall of chinaBut in China, as a culture, the things we take for granted are strange and unusual. Kind of like when I tell an American that I eat duck embryos, oxtail and tripe in peanut butter sauce, and pig intestines. It’s normal for me, but repulsive to your average Joe.

For us Internet Marketers, we grew up in a certain culture. We know what funnels are. We know what autoresponders are. We can spot a launch sequence a mile away. We talk about algorithms, click-through ratios, and affiliate commissions.

Because of this, we often forget that the population at large as no inkling as to what we’re talking about. Early on in my marketing career, when I had a corporate IT job, I tried explaining some of this to my coworkers, and even they had trouble grasping the concepts. And these are intelligent people who work on routers and servers, the very equipment that make the Internet actually exist.

So when we approach local business owners about “doing their SEO” and “creating funnels for them,” it is completely foreign to their culture. When they hear something like this, their brains MUST process a conscious thought and try to make sense of what they’re being asked to buy. They respond with an automatic, instinctive resistance. Then we have to educate them on why they need it, and they become even more resistant. From there, the only way to get them to buy is to batter them with dazzling salesmanship until they wave the white flag.

Instead, why not just give them what they really want? If they’re in the roofing business, for example, and they want as many storm damage replacements as they can get, then SELL them more storm damage replacement customers, and not getting on the first page of Google. Sure, you can do the SEO work to get them those customers. But at the end of the day, they just want the customers, not what you did to get them.

This is something that I go into tremendous depth with for my coaching students. This revelation alone has helped them to close more new deals without having to resort to salesy tricks to get them. One month has already passed by in the new year, and if you haven’t closed as many deals as you were envisioning in January, there’s good news for you yet.

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Let’s start your new year off today so you can hit your income and lifestyle goals with certainty. It’s happening for my current Proteges, and we can make it happen for you.

Shēngyì xīnglóng (Prosperous Business),

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