Life Is Good When Someone Else Orders Pizza

Life Is Good When Someone Else Orders Pizza

As I’ve planned trips and traveled around the world over the years, I learned something interesting. There are many different styles of traveling, and people tend to gravitate towards one style for the majority of their travel and vacations.

China TourFor example, my brother-in-law loves to plan everything himself, grab a guidebook, fly somewhere, get a car, and just start exploring. My mom loves cruising. My hockey teammate loves to hop on his motorcycle and get lost on the roads of America. My good friend in Kansas City goes straight to Sandals Resorts in Jamaica, every single time.

For me, I’ve done a whole range. We went to Germany, rented a BMW, and drove the Autobahn with nothing but the GPS on my Android phone. We’ve also been on a cruise ship for an entire month. But what I’ve found was that we’ve had the most fun when the trips were done for us, and we just hop along and enjoy the ride.

China TourFor example, when we went to China, we visited 3 cities across the country for 9 days. The entire trip was planned by a company called Odyssey Tours. All we had to do was tell them exactly what we wanted to see in China, and they created the entire itinerary, booked all the hotel rooms, planned out the restaurants, made all the arrangements for any admission tickets, and provided a van, driver, and private tour guide in each city.

No matter how well-traveled you are, it is still quite intimidating to go to a foreign country, especially one that doesn’t speak your language, and every sign is written in characters you can’t read. But when you have a native private tour guide with you, you can just relax and enjoy the experience, knowing that the language barrier won’t be an issue.

This was especially handy when it came to getting food. During the tours, we already had our restaurants planned out. But after the tours are done for the day, sometimes you’re just at the hotel and you have to fend for yourself. In Xian one day, we finished our day early and everyone was tired, so we just headed back to the hotel. Everyone was hungry but no one wanted to go back out. So our tour guide called Pizza Hut. She asked us what we wanted. We told her. Then she ordered it in Chinese. Half an hour later, delivery guy knocks on our door with hot, fresh pizza.

There are travel snobs out there who might poo-poo us for getting American food in a foreign country. Screw them. It was delicious! To be honest, it tasted largely the same as Pizza Hut here. But after having native Chinese food for a few days, the pizza was that much better. Plus, American restaurants in different countries will always have different menu items. In China, Pizza Hut offers “New Orleans Chicken and Gristle.” That is, verbatim, what it’s called. And I ordered it. And I LOVE it! It’s like a spicy chicken thigh with a Buffalo-like sauce. Awesome stuff! Wish they had it here.


Anyway, trips like that are just so much better when you have someone with you who speaks the language, plans everything out for you, and even orders your pizza.

It reminds me of the offline consulting space.

See, business owners don’t speak our language. Some of them try to enter our world and do things themselves, and they come across signs that they can’t read. They can’t even put together the right words to convey what it is they want done, because our lingo isn’t in their vernacular.

We are the native tour guide who drives the van, puts their itinerary together, and makes their trip more enjoyable. They’re too busy running their businesses to have to sit there and learn this new language. They need people like us to translate what we do into something beneficial for them. They need people like us to make their life more enjoyable. They need people like us to order their pizza.

That said, we aren’t the ones who make the pizza. We aren’t the ones who put the Great Wall together. What we do is understand what the business owner wants, and we become the conduit through which they get what they’re asking for. Behind the scenes, we gather the resources needed to fulfill their request.

My good friend Luther has put together an outstanding resource. It’s an entire Outsourcing Rolodex that lists reputable service providers that can fulfill on just about any need that a business owner asks to address. Using this Rolodex, you can make some quick cash with flipping a cheap service and marking it up, or you can use it as your entire back-end solution for high-ticket consulting gigs.

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Here’s the thing…

The launch period has already passed. However, Luther agreed to keep the deal open for my peeps. But I’m not sure how long he’s going to let me do that. So make sure you jump on this before he triples the price.

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Let me know how you do with finding good outsourcers to help your clients. And if you’re ever in China, be sure to try New Orleans Chicken and Gristle!

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