Lessons From “Finding Dory”

Lessons From “Finding Dory”

Just got back from the movies, where my family and I just watched “Finding Dory.”

I’ve been anticipating this movie for a long time. Interestingly, the reviews for the movie have been lukewarm, with many saying that it lacks the “magic” of the original “Finding Nemo.”

I’ll tell you something…

I liked “Finding Dory” so much better than “Finding Nemo.”

Although I did like Nemo, there was something unsettling about that movie. After watching Dory, I can now pinpoint what it was that I didn’t like. You know Marlin, Nemo’s dad? That guy’s a real asshole 😛

Seriously, though, he’s just not a very likable character in either movie. But more than that, there were lessons in Dory that are very applicable to what we’re doing in our businesses.

There was a scene in Dory where Marlin and Nemo were trapped in a gift shop aquarium, and they needed to get across a land-based play area to reach where they were going. With despair, Marlin was not optimistic about getting out.

Nemo asked him, “What would Dory do?”

Marlin’s response was that she’d assess the situation, analyze different options, etc.

Nemo said, “No, that’s what Marlin would do! What would Dory do?”

The answer to that is that she would just go for it.

And that, in a nutshell, is what separates us marketers. Most people would do what Marlin does. They’d think about it a bit, and in the end, not really do much of anything.

But the winners would just try something and go for it, whether it fails or not.

Now, I understand that sometimes it’s tough to take action when you don’t have a clear direction of what you should do.

If you find yourself in that situation, you should watch this video.

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