I Was Completely Insane To Do This, But I Couldn’t Resist…

I Was Completely Insane To Do This, But I Couldn’t Resist…

One of my guilty pleasures is watching “The Amazing Race” on TV. It hits all of my personal hot buttons — a competition to perform fun, adventurous stunts in a race around the world for a million dollars? Yes, please!

The show has been around for a long time, long before I became a world traveler myself. It’s always awesome to see the tasks that the teams perform, such as walking with lions in Africa or eating cobras in India. What’s even more awesome is actually to have been to the places they’ve visited, and then watching a re-run of the episode when they went there.

During one season, the teams had to haul luggage to different hotels in Zermatt, Switzerland, which is where the Matterhorn is located. After we visited Zermatt ourselves, we watched the episode when the Race was there. It turns out that we stayed at one of the hotels that was involved in the task. So whether intentionally or not, the trips my wife and I take are, at least partially, inspired by the show.

Kaitiaki Adventures AotearoaYears back, we saw an episode when the teams went to New Zealand. The task they had to perform was to go “sledging.” I had never heard of sledging, but when we watched them do it, immediately it became a bucket list item. Sledging is basically whitewater rafting on a specially-designed boogie board, called a sledge. You ride flat on your belly on the board, and it has handlebars that you hang on to while you cruise down the rapids.

A couple of summers ago, we finally traveled to New Zealand. Top of mind was to go on a sledging adventure, and we made sure that we got that in.

Here’s the thing…

Summer in the United States is winter in New Zealand. Sledging is something you do in the river. New Zealand is cold in the winter. So yes, it was literally freezing when we went. The river was at 0 degrees Celsius. We donned our wetsuits and braved the cold to have the experience of a lifetime.

I could write a book on what that experience was like. It was unlike anything else I’ve ever done, felt, or witnessed. I’ll expound on that another time. But the cool thing (no pun intended) about going sledging in the winter is that no one else is doing it. It’s a summer activity, so it’s crowded during the summer. No one is insane enough to go in winter. Except me.

Since it was just my wife and I who were on the adventure, we had everything to ourselves; the tour guides, the entire river. The guides were able to personalize every aspect of the trip to anything we needed. We got their full, 100% attention. It was magical. We felt like rock stars.

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to cold outreach (again, no pun intended, ha!) is people tend to compose messages with their niche or target vertical in mind. What you really should be doing when you compose a message is to compose it to just one person.

Kaitiaki Adventures AotearoaLike my wife and I in the New Zealand river, you need to write as if you’re only writing to one person, and you’re treating them like a rock star when you do. When you actually send the message, of course you can send it to more than one person. But the tone and sincerity of an outreach email shines through when you write with one person in mind, versus a group of people. And when that one person you’re writing to is your ideal client, you will end up attracting more of them who resonate with the words and intentions you use.
Remember when you’re reaching out that you are reaching out to one person at a time. Don’t be robotic or speak business-speak. The tone should be professional, yet casual, and definitely not salesy.

It’s truly amazing how much more productive and enjoyable something is when it’s geared 100% towards you, as if you were the only one in the river. That’s the kind of experience I deliver to my Proteges, who work with me one on one to grow their offline agencies so that they can enjoy the adventures that the world has to offer.

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