How Domino’s Pizza Became My Salvation

How Domino’s Pizza Became My Salvation

Yesterday I talked about the concept of composing your outreach as if you were talking to a single person, and treating them like a rock star.

Today, I’ll speak a bit on whom you should be talking to.

New Zealand for our sledging adventureWhen we flew to New Zealand for our sledging adventure, we were flying from Fiji, where we had just spent a few days.

Flight day was a very long day. Since we were on Mana Island in Fiji, we had to take a ferry boat from Mana to Port Denerau on the main island, and it was not a short ride. Then, we hopped on a shuttle from Port Denerau to Nadi Airport. We flew from Fiji to Auckland, which was an international flight. We then had to claim our luggage, walked about a mile to the domestic terminal in Auckland, then flew to Rotorua. By the time we arrived, it was getting late, around 9 PM. We took a shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

We finally arrived at the hotel in Rotorua. It was nothing fancy, but it was decently priced, and we were only there for a night, because right after sledging, we would need to hop on a bus to take a 3 hour ride back to Auckland so we could start the next segment of our vacation.

The night we arrived, it was incredibly cold, especially having just come from Fiji. The room’s thermostat wasn’t working, and the room was probably colder than outside. On top of everything else, we were starving. With all the day’s hustle and bustle, we had not eaten all day. We had bites here and there, but not a full meal.

We had no car, and the nearest restaurant was probably at least 2-3 miles away. Our only option was pizza delivery. So I went online and tried to find a place that delivered. I found a local joint, and they had online ordering. I placed an order, but it wouldn’t let me pay for it. I kept trying, but kept getting errors. I came to find out that the place closed at 10 PM, and I had just missed the cutoff by a few minutes. CURSES!

By now, I’m ready to eat my arm. I felt weak, cold, and my stomach was incredibly angry with me. I kept looking for pizza places. They were all closed, except for one: Domino’s Pizza.

I confirmed that they were still open. They had online ordering. I placed the order, and they took my credit card. Still, this was the first time I ever ordered anything online in New Zealand, so I was not convinced that Domino’s would show up at my door. When I placed the order, they had something on their website that I had never seen before. They had these little animations that showed exactly where in the pizza-making and delivery process they were in. These days, I think all of the major chains have this feature, but this was the first time I’d seen it.

The animations displayed things like the pizza being made, the pizza being baked, and whether it was out for delivery.

Let me tell you something. I have never paid so much attention to a flash animation in all my life. You would have thought I was watching the final minute of the Stanley Cup Finals. I’m laughing at myself imagining what I must have looked like! There I was, following the status of my pizza, and was using my force of will to get it to go faster and move on to the next stage of the process. After what seemed like an eternity, it moved on to “Out for delivery.” I was choking back tears of joy.

At long last, the knock on the door came. I opened the door, and a choir of angels rejoiced. My savior has arrived!

We devoured that pie like piranhas on a fisherman’s toe. The pizza was decent, but at the time, it was pure cheesy and sausagey bliss. Domino’s Pizza saved me!

I was your quintessential “hungry crowd.” I had a problem that needed a solution immediately. I was willing to pay anything to get it. I was willing to pay anyone who had it. THIS is the type of person you need to be talking to in your outreach campaigns!

Part of the reason for low open and response rates is that you’re talking to the wrong people. You’re offering food. But they already ate. They’re not hungry. They don’t need it. You need to talk to the people like me who are ready to chew their arm off to solve a problem.

How do you find these people? First, you need to narrow down your target market. It’s a lot more efficient to target a single, focused group, rather than, say, “small business owners.” Next, go to where they hang out. Are they on Facebook? Are they on LinkedIn? Do they have forums? Trade magazines? Industry events? Conferences? You get the idea. Go where they congregate and listen to the conversations they’re having. From there, you should be able to glean a decent set of intel to be able to craft an outreach message that speaks to the pain points you found.

There is a lot of work involved, no doubt. But the better you know your marketplace, the better your results will be. And if you’re starving for more clients to grow your marketing business, let’s talk! We can work together to make sure you never have to go hungry for clients again.

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