Do You Suffer From “Too Many Syndrome?”

Do You Suffer From “Too Many Syndrome?”

One of the biggest mistakes I’m seeing people make right now is the “Too Many Syndrome.”

  • You have too many things going on with your business.
  • You have too many things you want to offer your clients.
  • You have too many marketing channels to pursue.
  • You have too many training courses to go through.
  • You have too many types of prospects that you want to cater to.
  • You have too many conflicting messages you’re listening to.

Folks, you have to focus and simplify.

Here is my challenge to you:

The month of March is upon us. For the next 31 days, focus on ONE.

  • Pick ONE target market.
  • Pick ONE person in that target market who represents your ideal client.
  • Pick ONE offer you’re going to make.
  • Pick ONE marketing channel.

Master the ONEs that you pick, then you can expand.

For example:

Target market is Wedding Photographers. Not portrait photographers, not studio photographers, not landscape photographers, and not product photographers.

“But Lee,” I can hear you say. “Many of the other types of photographers are also wedding photographers!” Fine, but you’re going to market to the wedding arm of their business.

Target person is male named Blake, 28 years old, never went to college, not married, no kids, uses Nikon cameras, and prefers destination weddings over church weddings.

“But Lee, I can help both men and women photographers! Why can’t I do both?” You can, but you’re only going to speak to one, and the other will be attracted by parts of your message. But you have one bullet to fire, and you can’t hit both targets, so pick one.

Target offer is “Destination Wedding Client Generation.” You’re going to sell Blake on getting more destination wedding photo gigs for his business.

“But Lee, I want to offer SEO, Facebook updates, and Reputation Mangement!” Fine, but you’re only going to sell ONE offer. Your ONE offer is productized, meaning you’re selling the result (more destination wedding gigs). Within that product, you can do whatever you want in order to fulfill it. But you’re not selling the stuff that you’re including in the offer. Just sell the offer.

Marketing channel is cold email outreach.

“But Lee, I can reach these people on Facebook, and I can run some ads, and I can create a whole funnel, and I can do a lead magnet.” Sorry, you gotta pick one, and emailing is simple.

If you want to run FB ads, you have to create the ad, pick your targets, set up an autoresponder, write an autoresponder sequence, set up a funnel, create a landing page, create a lead magnet, create a tripwire, integrate it with a shopping cart, set a budget, run the ad,split-test the ad, optimize the ad, figure out why your opt-in rates are too low, change your lead magnet, change your landing page, etc etc.

In other words, it will never get done, and you know it won’t. Keep it simple and just send a damn email.

Do this for one month. See what happens. I guarantee you will accomplish more in that month than you did last month.

What’s your ONE? Reply and let me know, then execute on it.

If you need help with picking or executing your ONE, get the direct help of a bunch of successful entrepreneurs here:

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